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Artificial Grass Installation

by Champion Landscape Supplies 14 Sep 2020

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf, is a grass-like surface engineered to mimic that of a natural grass lawn. It is manufactured using all man-made materials.

Throughout the years, synthetic grass has been installed for a wide spectrum of uses. This includes household and business landscaping, putting greens, and sports fields.



Most products carry an 8 to 15 year no fade warranty. All product is guaranteed against manufacturer defect. If we install the turf, you get a two year warranty on the install.

Artificial Grass Pricing

Starting at $4.25 per square foot ( artificial grass only)

Before one decides to make the big decision to choose artificial grass over natural grass, there are many factors, they should consider before going forward. The main element that buyers should pay special attention to be cost, as the return on investment is definitely something to keep in mind.

The bulk of the cost of synthetic grass is comprised of basic surface materials, seaming glues and tapes, infill, base materials and possibly rodent control barriers.

Other accessories can include trim materials and design specific features. Also, the type of turf (field, sports, putting green pet, etc) and any lawn specific extras (UV protection, fiber qualities, etc) factors into the pricing  of artificial grass.

Another important factor one must determine when looking to purchase and install artificial turf is the space in which they choose to do, as wholesale materials can run the range between two to five dollars per square foot.

Let us look at the many ways in which one is likely to save money over this time span, by choosing artificial grass over traditional grass.

The primary cost saving benefit of artificial grass over natural grass is found in the minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Since artificial grass doesn’t have to be watered, lawn owners automatically save money on water bills, as expensive sprinkler systems become a thing of the past.

With the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, including intense heat, artificial grass does not require extra water like regular grass during the summer time months.

It is even estimated that artificial grass owners (for larger spaces) save and conserve on average at least 22,000 gallons of water per year.

Houston synthetic turf

Additionally, artificial grass eliminates the use of lawn mowers and with these trimming appliances ranging in price from two hundred to thousands of dollars; the cost of tending to natural grass adds up. Also factor in gas for these appliances, and lawn owners are faced with many added costs that more than add up.

For those that manage the upkeep of their lawns themselves, they still have a high return on investment, as they do not have to regularly purchase the costly supplies one needs to tend to regular grass. These synthetic lawn owners will save money by no longer having to purchase expensive fertilizers and weed killing chemicals, as well as new seeds for planting when natural grass roots and deteriorates over time.

For homeowners that do not maintain their own landscaping, synthetic turf lawns and fields more than pay for themselves, as the minimal upkeep means that it is no longer necessary to retain the weekly or bi-weekly services of a regular gardener.

Also, the durability of synthetic turf allows the lawn to maintain a fresh, green and lush appearance compared to natural grass.

Therefore the choice to use artificial grass for landscaping purposes allows one to retain higher property values over a number of years.

As outlined above, it has become increasingly evident that the multiple cost saving benefits more than outweigh the initial costs of installing synthetic grass.

This is apparent, as some estimates have shown that many artificial grass projects are likely to pay for themselves within an 18-month time span.

Installation of Turf


There are 3 steps to installing the turf:

1- Prep your ground

Make sure your ground is draining to the proper direction.

Make sure the ground is level and you have removed or cut off all irrigation heads.

Remove any organics or existing grass in the area. More soil or mechanical equipment may be necessary to prep the area prior to installation.


2- Under Grass Preparation

Does the area need a cushion laid to allow a softer surface?

Place weed block in areas of seams.

Place weed block in areas around trees.

Place weed block in edge areas.


3- Install Turf

Need to nail down the turf into the prepped soil area.

Need to knit seams together.

Need to cut the turf to fit the area of  service.

Need to top dress the turf with sand or odor material for pet areas.

Need to brush the grass to allow it to spring to action. 

The Do It Yourself Person can install this type of grass on their own.

There are many You Tube Videos that demonstrate how to install this turf.

But for the person not so inclined, we do offer professional installation.

The cost is on a job by job basis due to the many different variables and customer preferences.



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