Putting Greens

Innovate lawns and playgrounds by adding a putting green to your landscape


Commercial lawns and playgrounds promote a purposeful burning of calories so that children take an active participation in outdoor activities and build their putting skills on a green that will last a lifetime for them to fall back on their early days of practice. Champion Landscape Supplies is confident installing your unique size putting greens to fit your unique size garden area and outdoor playgrounds.
Champion will look at your yard drainage and adjust such that the green does not impede to removal of excessive rainfall in our designs. Your Putting green  will become a center of attention for the backyard or side yard for  your playing enjoyment.
A putting green is but a portion of your design. We take into consideration of the aesthetics of the design to incorporate  different planting designs or gravel to compliment the design of your project. 


Are putting greens a wise investment for a simple backyard?


Estimating a reliable yet quantitative list of putting green accessories may consume your whole working day or even a week possibly.
  • At first, the practice of putting green grass will undergo measurements and material estimations of either a lawn, playground, or backyard as per the proposal received.
  • Later, any of the Champion Landscape Supplies experts will cross-examine the estimations by visiting the location you entertain.
  • In the end, the final design proposal demands will be noted and then applied to every stage of the putting greens project with no discrepancies, unwanted surprises, and shocks.
Champion expert designers with their art of cherry-picking industry-based materials help you attain project completion in an easy-peasy way. Let those putting green grass quotations ramp up the value of your yard spaces segmented into backyards, lawns, playgrounds, and so on.