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Let champion correct your landscape and exterior drainage problems with proven solutions. As the area’s most experienced landscape drainage company, we implement permanent solutions that are carefully tailored to your specific site. Our goal is to capture excess water, move it away from your home and then disperse it in a safe manner.

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What are backyard drainage issues?

While some backyard drainage issues are easy to spot, others involve some investigation. When trying to determine if your yard has drainage issues, you should look for:

  • large puddles of pooling or standing water
  • excessively soggy spots in your yard
  • random overgrown patches of grass
  • divet and fissure formation indicating soil erosion
  • water pooling underneath downspouts
  • water stains on the foundation of your home

What causes backyard drainage issues?

Many factors can cause backyard drainage issues, and the first step in fixing your drainage issues is finding out what is causing it. Some common causes of backyard drainage issues are:

  • compacted soil (especially if your soil contains lots of clay)
  • improper backyard grading and sloping
  • poorly maintained eavestrough and downspouts
  • improper installation of landscape features like a fence or deck

How do I fix my drainage problem?

Champion have decades of experience fixing common water drainage problems. Standing water, soil erosion, ineffective downspouts, or water-damaged patios are all problems we’ve seen before, and we can confidently help you solve your drainage dilemma. Choose one of our packages above or call us (281) 558-9948