Enjoy the Green look year round and the reduction in outdoor water needs  in both Residential and Commercial  landscapes With Champion Artificial Turf


Maintaining the year round green residential landscapes not only improves their beauty but also environmental friendliness too through saving your water resources.

We, at Champion Landscape Supplies  believe in turning  these shady areas or tree covered areas in the landscape from mud pits into beautiful landscaped grass areas by installing Champion Artificial Turf in your residential or commercial  landscape Project. 

 The landscape installers working for us follow a well-documented product knowledge and adhere to professionalism throughout the entire installation process. We have a variety of turf options and if you have a turf that you really enjoy from a competitor sample, we can also offer that turf for your install.
 Turf installs are based upon these main factors:

  • Drainage – where do we send the water if it is a heavy rain?
  • Ground preparation – removal of old grass and build up of the base material by a minimum of 2 inches for yard turf installs
  • Installation of the turf and connect the grass pieces together without seeing any seams
  • Staple and nail turf to the area of install
  • Apply silica sand or a special pet deodorizer to offset pets using the bathroom on the turf areas
  • Clean installs using Benderboard or using the borders of concrete to create a sharp crisp appearance.

Warranty on Champion Artificial Turf

If you only purchase any variety of turf- each turf comes with it a 15 year warranty against color fading or material defects.


Warranty on all Champion Artificial Turf Installations

Two year In-house Warranty that covers Champion personnel returning to your jobsite at zero cost to you if you have any of the following issues: turf is torn, seams coming undone, defective turf, this warranty does not cover vandalism or burrowing rodents or events that occur due to acts of God such as flood  or trees falling on the turf areas. If your turf needs a refluff or for us to brush the turf back to normal height, this is a maintenance charge for such work.


Pricing of Product and density of each square foot.


Turf Name









 $       5.50





 $       5.00





 $       5.00





 $       5.00





 $       4.75





 $       4.75

Turquoise Blue




 $       4.50

Blue Quartz




 $       4.50

Opel Plush




 $       4.50

Emerald Putt




 $       4.50





 $       4.00





 $       4.00


Price is per square foot (minimum purchase is 15 square feet)
All purchases must easily divide by 15 feet as the roll is 15 feet wide


Realize these heavy turfs do not need any padding under them as they are very plush turf varieties. These different turfs will allow for a  very soft walking surface as the turf is very plush.